Health Benefits

►Summary of changes to Public Law 2011 – Chapter 78: Pension and Health Benefits.

►Chart of percentages toward health care, based on salary and type of plan.

Additional Health Related Benefits:

When you enroll in HorizonbFit, you become eligible to receive a $20 reimbursement for every month that you visit a participating facility 12 times or more. That means that you can earn up to $240 a year in rewards when you exercise regularly! Click on Horizon b Fit to find out how simple it is.

Did you know that you have the option to get 20% of your pharmacy prescriptions. First, get a print out of all your prescriptions from your pharmacy. Then click on  Copayment Reimbursement Claim Form_Horizon , and fill out the paper work. Mail all forms to:
Attn: Suzanne Costa
Brown & Brown Benefit Advisors
24 Arnett Ave. Suite 200
Lambertville, NJ 08530

Click on this link to obtain some information on Flex Spending Flexible Spending Account Information.




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